Blaster's App is an all-in-one tool for professional explosives engineers. The app contains the calculators and tools a master blaster needs to be fast and productive on the job. Save time, gain accuracy and get the job done in minutes instead of hours!

Custom Calculators
Each calculator uses the app's custom keypad to make data entry quick and easy. Common blasting calculations are done in seconds without second guessing your accuracy. Save your calculation to a current project or review past results from the LOAD screen. Tap the ? within any Blaster's App calculator for more information about each calculator's equations and functionality. Choose US/Imperial or Metric units. (View example screenshots)

Calculators include:
• Ground Vibration Prediction
• Airblast Prediction
• Powder Factor
• Explosives Per Borehole
• Rock Per Borehole
• Scaled Distance
• Borehole Angle Drift
Tools include:
• Borehole Layout
• Links to Online Blasting Resources
• Compass
• Level
• Timer

Borehole Layout
The "Borehole Lay out" system makes the tedious task of laying out a job's boreholes as easy as dragging your finger to connect the holes and assign your custom delays. It allows blasters to lay out their hole design and timing in seconds rather than hours. Share your layout with your team or print it by exporting it from the app. Exported layouts can then be imported on another device running Blaster's App or printed out to share with your team or inspectors. It's that easy.

Store Projects
Blaster's App contains a project system that allows for the storage of all calculations and layouts associated to any job. Set GPS coordinates for your projects and the app will automatically look them up when you arrive on site and use that location's project by default.

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