Blaster's App Walkthrough PDF: Quick tour of Blaster's App and its features

7-minute Demonstration Video: Brief walkthrough of the app in its entirety

Tips for using Blaster's App

• Double tap any field to copy or paste.

• To delete a saved project or result, slide your finger across its title and tap delete.

• After exiting Blaster's App on iPhone/iPod/iPad, double tap the home button to quickly return to the app where you left off.

• Tap the ? in any area of the app to learn more about that specific calculator or tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blaster's App easy to use?
Yes! Blaster's App is easy to use, even for those not very familiar with other technical software or equipment. From our experience, professional explosives engineers immediately know upon first view how to use and input their information in the calculators. The Borehole Layout system is more in-depth with its abilities, but after reading through the instructions and viewing the 7-minute demonstration video, blasters will quickly adapt to this innovative app and have their layouts done in no time.

What device do I need to run Blaster's App?
Blaster's App works on iPhones (versions 3GS, 4 and 4S) and iPads (both version 1 or 2). It also works on over 115 different Android devices and the Kindle Fire. Our preferred device is Apple's iPad because it provides the best user experience. If you decide to go the Android route, the app works with most current phones.

How do I get the Blaster's App onto my mobile device?
Visit our Buy the App link at the top of any page and choose your preferred device. From that store page, purchase the app and install it.

Do I need additional software or devices to run Blaster's App?
No. Aside from the device on which to run the app (such as an iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle Fire) and the app itself, there is no additional software needed. To view an exported Borehole Layout online, one need only have access to a standard web browser and working internet connection.

Do I need an internet connection to use the app?
Connections and access to the internet are not needed to use most of the app's features. You can use all of the calculators, layout designer, save and load features, etc. without internet access. To use the Export option in the Borehole Layout system to send a layout to another person, you do need to be connected to the internet using your device's Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Will Blaster's App work on my computer or laptop?
No. Blaster's App is a mobile app for any mobile device (such as an iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle Fire), making it very easy to transport and use while in the field. This app is not available for a traditional laptop or computer.

Do I need to pay an additional fee for updates to this app?
No. Blaster's App is a one-time fee. Once you purchase Blaster's App, it is yours forever, including any new features and updates we make to the app.

Can I use the Metric system in Blaster's App?
Yes. Under the "Options" screen, you may toggle between using US/Imperial or Metric units. The entire app will update with your preferred units. Our equations are based on US regulations and most are found in the ISEE Blaster's Handbook. To view the equations used, tap the ? within each calculator.

In the Borehole Layout System, can I link holes that are not side by side?
Yes. To link holes that are not side by side, simply tap the first hole once, then tap the next and subsequent holes twice.

Can I export my borehole layout so that I can show it to someone else?
Yes. Borehole layouts can be saved, exported and imported so that you can easily share them with other viewers. Please view our 7-minute demonstration video, which shows how Borehole Layouts can be exported and viewed on any web browser (including laptops and desktop computers) and layouts can then be imported into another device running Blaster's App.

Can I save my calculations and layouts?
Yes. Any calculations and layouts that you create in Blaster's App may be saved and loaded at any point in time. The data is stored directly on your chosen device (such as an iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle Fire). When the device is backed up through its normal process, it backs up application data, including that of the Blaster's App.

Why is my GPS not working in Blaster's App?
Blaster's App relies on your device to provide the necessary GPS data. If you're not getting GPS, the device itself is not receiving or providing the necessary GPS data to the app. Also, if you are using a wifi-only iPad, note that the wifi models may not provide GPS data when you are somewhere that there is no wifi available. They can only provide GPS data when on a wifi network and they must be on a wifi network that provides the device with GPS data.

Blaster's App does not currently support GPS on Android devices. We hope to incorporate that support in coming months, but given the wide range of devices, we had stability issues. For the current version, we opted to hold support back to provide a stable experience. GPS is only available for iOS (Apple) devices. Kindle Fire does not have GPS capability.

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